That Magic Moment

About Mariay

I was still a child when I started taking pictures with my dad's old compact camera (a Leduc). At first it was only trips or celebrations pictures, but soon I realized those things were not very interesting for me. Years later one of my uncles gave me a photo camera an instant Kodak Polaroid. I was so happy that I took pictures of pretty much everything I could see trying to capture the beauty in nature: animals, flowers, landscapes, etc.
As an adult I bought my self a Canon semi-automatic and I took classes. I wanted to learn how to get better shots. My interest goes mostly about landscapes and macros (specially small animals and flowers). I haven't developed an specific topic in which I can show case my experience as a photographer yet because every day is a new day to explore and learn more about this fantastic world of the photography.
Nowadays with my cameras and lenses I keep taking pictures from my particular point of view of the world around me and I want to share my work with you. Enjoy your trip through the images!